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Welcame to our site of Finotto Mobili.

Finotto Mobili (fornitures) are happy to present on this page our company and our products. We produce solid fornitures from high quality scandinavian ping-wood. It comes from Sweden,Norway or Finland.

These countries are respecting the nature and they also take care how to cut the pine and spruce wood for the different treathements, after, exporting in the whole world. All our different solid pine-wood fornitures are in many colors from the narural pine tone to the warm colours of honey, cherry, hazel and redbrown to the different fresh white, blue and green to nalities, to make your home very confortable and pleasant.

Our manufacture is exactly in detail. Come and visit us to have a better choice of forniture and colours to make a tiny home with fornitures of 4F.

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